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What you need to know about how to get the best deal on your secured credit card.

Credit cards are more than a convenient way to make purchases and pay for them over time. Using credit cards wisely helps you build a credit record that can make it easier for you to apply for other types of credit. Credit is essential in our society. Having access to credit allow you the ability to buy a car, buy a home, obtain credit cards, rent an apartment or obtain cost effective insurance. A good credit rating displays to others that you manage your debts responsibly and are likely to pay back your debts.

We all know that bad things can happen to good people. If you’ve had circumstances that have affected you credit, don't despair. You can re-establish your credit record.

The first step in reestablishing your credit is to look at yourself in the mirror; get a copy of your credit report. Contact any number of services that offer “free” credit reports or the the credit bureau that keeps your report and request it. Carefully review the report and note all the errors or negative items you find.

To dispute a derogatory item, you need to contact the credit bureau and explain why you think the information is not correct. When you dispute an item with the credit bureau and the creditor does not respond within the allotted time, the disputed item must be deleted from your credit report. If the disputed item is found to be incorrect or unable to be verified, it must be deleted from your report. After you have cleared your report of all derogatory items, it's time to rebuild a good credit record.

Obtaining a secured credit card is an excellent way to re-establish good credit history. The card is usually secured by savings account established with the bank or institution that issues the card. The deposit or savings account serves as collateral for the card. The bank or institution will usually grant you a credit limit equal to 100% of your deposit. In that way if you fail to make payments on the card, they will use the deposit to cover the debt that you have incurred.

Maintaining a good payment history with your secured credit card is crucial in obtaining other unsecured credit cards or forms of credit.

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